Saturday, March 19, 2011

its my moms' birthday

assalamualaikum dan holla my anmour kepada pen-digest2 blog ini.

Dikesempatan dan peluang aku mempunyai blog ini aku nak mengucapkan selamat hari lahir yang ke 57 kepada mak yang terbaekkk. actually birthday mak aku adalah semalam equal to 18 march....there are no best prize we can offer her as she is actually very shy2 person and don't like to talk much abour her birthday and won't accept any. but as hard headed we are and as momento for the birthday we bought her a new "keri" which belong to her has long gone.
God madeawonderful mother
a mother who doesn't grow old
God made her a smile of sunshine
and a heart of pure gold
in her cheek he place fair roses
in her eyes, the star shine
God made a wonderful mother
and that wonderful mother is mine

Thanks to TV3 because had shared our family photo during the WHI for 2 second, hehehe macam tau tau je birthday mak aku aritu. herealso i want to wish Happy Birthday to my eldest brother as his birthday is actually as the same date as mak 18.03. tak berapa nak ingat tahunnya hehee..well i'm from big happy family

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