Thursday, December 22, 2011

Malayan Banking Berhad is not CIMB

Final Notification!

Message body

Dear Customers,
Your Cimb Clicks Account needs to be Re-update because we detect you login your account in some unsecure computer,
this maybe as a result of wrong or incomplete data 
As a result, You need to confirm and verify your account details by Clicking Here
and completing the confirmation process.
P.S. The Link in this message will expire within 24 hours. TAC will be required during update.
Thank you,
Malayan Banking Berhad (CIMB Bank)

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon....tadi cek email and i got this message hahaha..memula baca ayat kat atas Notification macam serius ya amat je, tetiba bila sampai bahagian ujung skali baca 

"Malayan Banking Berhad (CIMB bank)" haha rasa macam nak penampo je penipu ni laju2. mana la diorang dapat email aku ni..

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Irfa said...

mmg dasar penipu tapi penipu yang mengkantoikan diri sendiri