Wednesday, June 4, 2008

up up and away

waaaaaaaaa....right now i really thinking of doing something evil to someone, the price of Petrol was increasing incredibly starting tonite at 12.00. believe it or not the price of the oil will be up from 2.92 per litre which is already hard to be afforded by certain class of community to the unbelievable of RM 2.70 per litre which is almost 50% of raised. i cannot believe this is happening. me, myself start planning to just buy a motorbike and some of my friend trying to locate herself as closer as she could to the office in the way to reduce the consumption of oil which us will be with full heart proud to help build a better nation with cleaner environment.

Dis is the petrol station before the raise of price, both have
never ever dense like tonite, the towkey must be really thankful because b4 dis station is like "hidup segan mati tak mahu" and tonite it is full like the nite of Hari Raya.

p/s: late this morning i listen to a speech on the environmental issues and one of the speaker saying that the earth is no more capable in providing the want of people, people have go beyond what they need and the rich and wealth have never looking back they never know everything they do is not simply cost their money but indirectly to achieve what they want have take what is belong to the others. finally myself take positively the price raise and think it as i return back to earth what belong to it and return the righteousness of the other people.

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