Tuesday, June 10, 2008

family vacation

my anak sedara who is in Selangor, from the left in front line: uya, mijan, aisyah n ah kim.
the back line is the mama of mijan n ah kim.

from the night of fuel increasing to the evening saturday my family come from Kampung Bahagia to celebrate the raise haha...according to them at every petrol pump is congested with cars.
and finally they made it to my sister house at sg buloh,tomorrow morning: they give a visit to the Nilai 3 and my father really do shopping hahaha...[rugi tak dapat join-kot tak leh kikis] haha...on the second day my father and mother bring them to the AQUARIA KLCC...huhu sangat besttt[melepas lagi], mak was sangat seronok enjoying the walk at the aquaria, she is a fishes lover huuhuu...and that night they come and sleep at my brother house whom i stay with now. later that nite at 930 i bring the kids n my adik go to the sunway pyramid hoping to see the red eye of the lion - huhu guest what we met with a crowd of people enjoying the saturday night...(aku tak tau kat situ tempat kelab malam rupanya) hehe - nak bawak akak ngan adik tgk cahaya konon last2 siap pergi tempat ada drum bass lagi haha, rushly we going back home n berdengkur...
on the saturday my sg buloh sister bring them to taman tasik shah alam, my father eagerly to go back home to attend kenduri kahwin but again they stuck at taman tasik shah alam looking at the akuarium there, they say that akuarium has a larger unknown fish..and finally they only went home at 530 pm haha

acknowledge themself as A4: akak adik anon n aus

me and the golden moose, deer, antelope?

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